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Santuario di SS. Maria ad Rupes, Castel Sant'Elia

Santuario di SS. Maria ad Rupes, Castel Sant'Elia

Nestled in the breath-taking scenery of the Suppentonia Valley, the Santuario di SS. Maria ad rupes (Our Lady of the Rocks) is a religious site developed around the cave where, in ancient times, an image of the Virgin Mary (replaced in the 15th century with a painting depicting the Madonna and Child) was worshipped.

In 1796 the hermit monk Andrea Rodio started cutting steps into the rock in order to make the site accessible again: in 14 years he made 144 steps thus allowing the pilgrims to visit the chapel. After his death, Andrea Rodio was buried in the Holy Cave.

At the end of the 19th century, the shrine was entrusted to the Friars Minor of Saxony who, guided by the Bishop Bernardo Doebbing, gave to the chapel its current look. Since 1982, the Michaelite Fathers of the Congregation of Saint Michael the Archangel have been taking care of this religious site.




Dating back to the Middle Ages then rebuilt in the 16th century, Castel Sant’Elia has often been a filming location since the 1940s. Its most famous landmark is the Basilica di Sant’Elia. The façade and the interior of this church appear in several historical movies: Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova veneziano (...
Santuario di Santa Maria Ad Rupes, 01030, Castel Sant'Elia