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Collegiata di San Giuliano, Faleria

Collegiata di San Giuliano, Faleria

The church called Collegiata di San Giuliano – dedicated to San Giuliano Ospitaliere, the Patron Saint of Faleria - was built on the foundations of a 12th-century building whose remains are still visible in the exterior walls. The current layout dates back to the 13th century.

Over the centuries the church underwent several renovations therefore not much is left of the original 13th-century building, a part from a section of the marble floor  - by the main portal - that shows a Cosmati style.

In recent times, some frescoes have been discovered and restored. They are inside the church, by the apse, and they depict San Giuliano with Stabia – Faleria’s ancient name – and Rome in the background.


Il set di Nostalghia di Andreij Tarkovskij a Faleria


Neighbouring the Province of Rome and crossed by the Treja river, Faleria is a lovely village dating back to the Middle Ages which has been the location for many movies and TV series over time. A few months before his death, Antonio de Curtis – better known as Totò – performed the best sketches of his repertoire in Tutto Totò (1967), a TV...
Chiesa Collegiata di San Giuliano, 01030, Faleria