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Catacombe di Santa Savinilla, Nepi

Catacombe di Santa Savinilla, Nepi

The catacomb of Santa Savinilla is located in the same area where the cemetery currently is, just outside the town walls, by the church of Ss. Tolomeo and Romano.

According to tradition, these two Bishops - who lived in the 3rd century – were the founders of the local Christian community. After their martyrdom,  the Matrona Savinilla wanted them buried here. According to the archaeologists instead, the first Christian tombs in this area date back to the 4th century whereas the most recent ones date back to the beginning of the Middle Ages.

The catacomb is divided into three main galleries: on their walls, thousands of different types of recesses used as tombs. The large number of them witnesses how numerous the Christian community in Nepi was.

The galleries are large and the spaces are wide. Inside the galleries there are still some wall paintings and inscriptions that provide additional information about this site such as the names of the people buried here, how long they lived for and the name of the people who took care of their burial.

Traces of Medieval frescoes prove that the catacomb was in use until the 14th century.


L'armata Brancaleone


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Catacombe di Santa Savinilla, 01036, Nepi