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Basilica di Sant'Elia, Castel Sant'Elia

Basilica di Sant'Elia, Castel Sant'Elia

The Basilica di Sant’Elia – also known as Basilica di Sant’Anastasio, from the name of the founder of the first Christian community in the Suppentonia Valley – was originally built on the foundations of an ancient monastery dating back to the 8th century then completely rebuilt in the 11th century in Romanesque style.

According to tradition, the Roman emperor Nero had a temple dedicated to Diana built in this area.

The façade of the church is simple yet elegant with three finely decorated portals. The interior is divided into three parts, with a central nave and two aisles. The monolithic columns come from ancient, Roman buildings. The beautiful marble floor shows a Cosmati decoration.

The main altar is surmounted by an elegant ciborium and the walls are decorated with frescoes painted at different times, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It is worth noticing the episodes of The Apocalypse of St. John, painted in the transept.

The crypt is probably the most ancient part of the entire building and it contains the tombs of Sant’Anastasio and San Nonnoso.




Dating back to the Middle Ages then rebuilt in the 16th century, Castel Sant’Elia has often been a filming location since the 1940s. Its most famous landmark is the Basilica di Sant’Elia. The façade and the interior of this church appear in several historical movies: Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova veneziano (...
Basilica di Sant'Elia, 01030, Castel Sant'Elia