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The Anguillara Castle, Faleria

The Anguillara Castle, Faleria

Located in piazza della Collegiata, the Anguillara Castle is the most important building in Faleria. Even if the official sources confirm the presence of a stronghold in the same location back in the 13th century, it is proving difficult to precisely date the year of its construction.

Over the centuries, the castle underwent several reconstructions and restorations depending on the needs and desires of the families who – at different times - ruled over the town.

Built on the foundations of an ancient stronghold, the castle stretches from the gate that provides access to the oldest part of town to the watchtower. The coat of arms of the Anguillara family is visible in many different parts of the castle.

In 1660, Faleria was sold to the Borghese family but they never resided here hence the castle was progressively abandoned. The castle is currently under restoration and soon will open to the public.


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Castello degli Anguillara, 01030, Faleria