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Il set di Nostalghia di Andreij Tarkovskij a Faleria


Great comedians and masters of cinema

Neighbouring the Province of Rome and crossed by the Treja river, Faleria is a lovely village dating back to the Middle Ages which has been the location for many movies and TV series over time.

A few months before his death, Antonio de Curtis – better known as Totò – performed the best sketches of his repertoire in Tutto Totò (1967), a TV series produced by Rai (the Italian public broadcasting company) and directed by Daniele D’Anza. All the exterior scenes of Il grande maestro – the third episode of the series – were filmed in Faleria.

In this episode, Totò interpreted the role of the lively music teacher Mardocheo Stonatelli, often involving many locals in the filming of his sketches. Ugo Tognazzi, both as director and main actor of Rapina a mano armata – an episode of the Rai TV series FBI , Francesco Bertolazzi Investigatore (1970) – chose Faleria as filming location.

The same choice was made by Alberto Sordi a few years later when shooting and acting in Polvere di stelle (1973): one of its famous sequences starts in piazza Garibaldi, where the Town Hall building gets transformed into a theatre (Teatro Caracioni), and ends at the Anguillara Castle, where Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti are filmed whilst running away, among gunshots and police sirens.

In more recent times, two sequences of the blockbuster film (€65 million) Quo vado? (2015), directed by Gennaro Nunziante, were filmed in Faleria. In this movie, the famous Italian comedian Checco Zalone plays the role of a public employee who, in order not to lose his permanent job, accepts to be moved to the most faraway and dangerous places.

Faleria first appears in the scene that shows Zalone visiting the wife and son of a mafia boss and then in the one that sees the main character trying to convince the local kids to let his partner’s son play football with them. These scene were filmed at the Anguillara Castle and the Collegiata di San Giuliano church.

The parvis of the Collegiata di San Giuliano church, Piazza della Collegiata and the Anguillara Castle also appear in the following movies: I knew her well (Io la conoscevo bene, 1965, starring Stefania Sandrelli) by Antonio Pietrangeli, Operazione paura (1966), Lisa e il diavolo (1973) and La casa dell’esorcismo (1975) by Mario Bava, La vita di Leonardo da Vinci (1971) by Renato Castellani, Cartesius (1974) by Roberto Rossellini, Nostalghia (1983) by Andrej Tarkovskij and Mortacci (1989) by Sergio Citti.

In more recent times, an episode of the television drama Il tredicesimo apostolo (Canale5, 2012 and 2014) directed by Alexis Sweet was filmed in Faleria.

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